Thursday, October 29, 2009

Disaster strikes my Les Paul AGAIN!

We entered the studio yesterday to continue working on our cd. The schedule called for finishing all the guitar overdubs, background vocals and for Joey to begin laying down his lead vocals. Upon opening my guitar case I discovered that the head piece had broken in exactly the same place as it did two and a half years ago
(see this post).

Instead of bumming out over it and letting it ruin my plans I shrugged it off (until today that is) and took out my 12 string Rickenbacker. Switching gears like that actually brought out an interesting guitar interplay with the existing tracks and low and behold, POWER POP HEAVEN!
I brought my ailing axe (nice alliteration, huh?) back to Sam Ash and was told by the guitar tech that I was lucky that it broke on the same "seam" and that he could fix it, but this time more permanently than before. The drawback? It will take two to three months! So now my question is; should I bring my 12 string to IPO NY or use my Telecaster?

What are your thoughts?

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