Saturday, November 29, 2008

Somnambulistic Songwriting

Woke up at 5 AM today from a dream in which Jack Black was a troublesome member of the band. We were practicing a new song and finally I threatened to throw him out if he didn't shape up. He complained loudly but when we started playing again we were awesome! I likened the guitar solos to a gun slinger in a showdown with Wah Wah blazing!

When I woke up I realized that the song we were playing was not known to me and immediately ran to my studio and recorded the bones of it before it could slip away.

I went back to bed and attempted to go back to sleep but more and more of the song kept coming back to me so I again went downstairs and started writing down the lyrics and as I saw them materialize on paper I began fine tuning it and even wrote a bridge that hadn't been there.

In the end I wound up writing about 85% of a finished song (Called "I'm Still Here") just from a dream! The song echoes Weezer, The Pixies (because of quiet verses that then explode into raucous chorus's) and The Foo Fighters (sort of).

I've only dreamt one other song in my life, about 15 years ago. That song wound up on my CD called "Doug Khazzam TODAY!" and was called "Prying Eyes" however that song changed drastically from the dream to the finished product, this one is pretty much intact.

Weird and Wonderful, huh?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last Night at IPO

Damn, we had a good time last night. Besides the fact that we got to meet musicians from literally around the world (most notable of which were Private Jets from Sweden who played an awesome and fun filled set), we got to play in front of an enthusiastic audience who truly understood EXACTLY where we were coming from.

There was some promoters (so they said) from Belgium who said (from what we could understand) that we MUST appear at their festival next August. All I gotta say is, "Show me the money!"

Click here to see what Aaron from had to say...

For more pictures of some of the people we chatted with last night,
click here!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Toy Soldier

Talked to my old friend and (Radio Flyer bandmate) Gary today, who wished me and the band well on our upcoming IPO appearance. I recently unearthed an ancient live recording of Buddy Love from 1979! and on that tape was a song that he co wrote with us and so I quickly created a slide show to go along with the "sound track". Check it out!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

WMJC-FM Long Island

Those guys on the Long Island "Unlabeled Show" on WMJC-FM played our song "Where Do We Go From Here?" again tonight. Check it out...

Then go to the Buddy Love page on their website and leave your comment.  (leave a comment here too if you like!)