Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Comments about the WMJC-FM Unlabeled Show

I guess our song's appearance on WMJC-FM has made a bit on an impact as there are quite a few comments about it on their website.

If you haven't yet heard it, push the play button below and check it out. (also feel free to add your own comment on WMJC-FM's Buddy Love webpage).

Friday, August 8, 2008

Reality Check

I am always writing new songs, most of which get abandoned before being finished. But the ones I do finish I finish for a reason; because I think they're worth finishing (duh!)

After presenting a batch of songs to the guys the other day I was suprised to receive the following feedback from Joey regarding one of them, "Great hook but not into the verses." Although the other guys liked it (especially Scottie-boy) Joey is the one who has to sing it and if he's not into it, its not gonna come off well so what's the point?

Now in days gone by my ego would have blown a fuse. There would have been no discussion about "if" we should do a song or "how" we would do it, it would have been done the way I wanted. Thankfully we're all more grown up now because instead of taking it personally I listened to the song with "new ears" and understood what Joey's reservations about the verses were; boring melody! I then re-wrote the melody in the verses and am now even more happy with this song than I was before.

Here's the point of this story; being in this band is VERY different now than it was 28 years ago and specifically, working with Joey these past two years has been an absolute pleasure and I am gratified that we can say whatever we have on our minds without any bullshit. The end result of all this is that the song is MUCH BETTER NOW thanks to Joey's impartial criticism. I feel very lucky to have his significant talents to convey my song ideas and to keep me on my toes. Thanks Joey.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

IPO Eleven

And speaking of compilations, the newest International Pop Overthrow collection is out, just in time for IPO LA. This marks the first year that a Buddy Love track appears on an IPO compilation. We thought long and hard deciding which track to contribute and after much deliberation, we picked the Burt Bacharach/Hal David song "My Little Red Book" (as done by Love, NOT Manfred Mann!) from our new CD "Now and Then".

For those of you who didn't read it in my previous post, we (Buddy Love that is) have been invited to attend IPO NY this coming November at Kenny's Castaways in Greenwich Village.

I will of course keep reminding (all three of you) as the date comes closer...

The IPO Eleven compilation is on sale now at Not Lame Recording Co.

Raiders Of The Lost Hook - Volume 2

My new "blog buddy" Angelo from Power Pop Criminals is a veritable encyclopedia of Power Pop.  I have been mining his website for months now and have found untold goodies there.  Periodically he creates his own compilation CD's and makes them available to his other Blog Buddies online. Recently he contacted me and asked if he could include the song "I Just Want To Hold You" from the Buddy Love "Yellow Album" and I eagerly said yes. I find it quite a compliment to be included in one of his collections.

Click the CD cover to visit his site and to download Raiders of the Lost Hook, Volume 2