Monday, December 16, 2013

Rocking Horse - Yes It Is

Over the years I have made friends with power pop fans from around the world. I believe the very first one to contact me outside of the US (1993) was Pierre Gurdjos, who runs the website Bubblegum The Punk A Guide to American Power POP 1975-1985.

He sent me a CD-R of a band from Liverpool circa 1971 I had never heard of before or since which has become a staple in my iPod, Rocking Horse's Yes It Is. Unashamedly early Beatles influenced with Lennon-ish vocal drawl and Badfinger-esque guitars, all three of you blog readers should creem your pants over this! Rocking Horse - Yes It Is

PS Reposted so Aaron can get it!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lannie Flowers at The Vibe Lounge in Rockville Centre

Twice in one week I had the pleasure of seeing the great Lannie Flowers, this time in my home town of Rockville Centre, NY!

One song in particular stayed with me, so much so that I begged Lannie to send it to me. I couldn't get it out of my head!  Desperate I was to hear it!  Thankfully, he acceded to my wishes and even better, allowed me to share it here!

Lannie Flowers - Best I Can

Sunday, November 17, 2013

IPO NY @ Matchless in Brooklyn

We performed at David Bash's International Pop Overthrow for the 7th year in a row at Matchless Bar in Brooklyn.  A splendid time was had by all.

A great talent, Lannie Flowers and his wonderful band also appeared and his guitarist Rodney is my new hero!

I'm sad to report that this was the last appearance of our sax player Sam.  Bye Bye Sam...

Here are some photos from the show.

Lannie, Joey and David

Dave the Boogieman, Joey and Dave Rave

Sam and Joe

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Beer Joke Told By A Beautiful Woman

Why am I posting this?  Because the music in the background is "Where Do We Go From Here?" from our 2007 reunion CD, that's Why!  Go to our store and pick one up now...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Material coming together nicely, thank you!

We've been working on a bunch of new songs, which will be premiered, along with a new show this coming Halloween (Oct 31st, duh!) at The Delancey (at the foot of The Williamsburg Bridge on Delancey Street in NYC).

Even though we have played a few shows with our new sax player Sam Powell, we will be introducing him officially at the same time.

I believe I speak for everyone in the band when I say, "Welcome to the club!"

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First new show since July?!? Halloween Night at the Delancey

Guess I was getting lazy... Or maybe its because the band has been in rehearsal working on a huge batch of new material! We're doing the first major revamp of our Live Set since we reunited in late 2006! Its been a long time coming because I've been writing non stop for the past 30 odd years and I have a backlog of tunes just waiting for someone to sing 'em!

Just a few more weeks of practice and we'll be rolling out the new show for a Halloween Extravaganza at The Delancey on Delancey Street in NYC (at the foot of the Williamsburgh Bridge). so come join the party! It's going to be a great night!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wanna buy a T-Shirt?

We are kicking off a merchandising campaign starting with this beautiful Buddy Love t-shirt. Available in Small, Medium and Large. Price $19.99 (includes shipping!) Interested? Click here...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

IPO NY This Friday May 3rd

After Hurricane Sandy, David Bash's New York leg of the International Pop Overthrow Festival was cancelled but I am happy to report that it has been rescheduled for this coming week and with it, Buddy Love's annual appearance! The show will be at The National Underground on Houston Street. We have a primo time slot (11 PM Friday Evening May 3rd). In a way, IPO was instrumental in our 2006 reunion so I hope all of our fans will attend. See you there!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bleeker Bob's is Closing?!?

Got an email from our bassist extraordinaire, Scott Schiller with this sobering news flash... After a year of speculation and rumors, it’s official: Bleecker Bob’s, New York City’s most loved and hated record store, (and incidentally the largest outlet for our 1980 single "sheila b/w Party Girl)is closing. It will be replaced by a Froyo outlet in May 2013. Soon, instead of rare punk 45s, you’ll have your choice of “sprinkles with that?” or a shot of protein powder with your 32 ounce container of probiotic bacteria. It seems progress means a total loss of identity in the once mighty Manhattan. This is from Bleecker Bob’s Facebook page: looks like the new tenant has signed the lease. we’ve heard they want to be open by June 1. it will take probably around 2 months to get work permits for the massive remodeling job they’ll need to do so we’re figuring we should be open until May 2013!! —-get ready for another chain of self serve yogurt/coffee/hot chocolate cafes NYC!!” Bleecker Bob’s opened in 1968 as Village Oldies Records. In the mid-70s, as Bleecker Bob’s (named after its owner, ex-lawyer Bob Plotnik), it became a Mecca for people seeking the latest punk rock 45s and albums. Plotnik’s surly attitude, a borderline parody of the most tightly-wound rude New Yorker, added a certain manic energy that melded perfectly with the edgy music playing on the sound system. Imagine Johnny Rotten as a fat, pissed-off Jew and you might get a feel for Plotnik’s schtick. I could never tell if Bob was genuinely nuts or just playing nuts. He did usually follow his, er, “highly caffeinated” (ahem) rants with a sheepish smile. Whatever the case, his gruffness turned off a good portion of his customers. I knew plenty of people who refused to shop at his store, but I wouldn’t allow his vibes to keep me away from the thousands of records pouring in every month, most of which were D.I.Y singles from all over the planet. If dealing with Bob was part of the price of doing business with the guy, I didn’t mind. I wanted the vinyl! For a lot of musicians, Bob’s place was not only a place to buy records, it was a place to sell your own. At the height of the punk era, Bob was always interested in new stuff from new bands and would pay cash for a stack of D.I.Y. 45s. Between buying and selling, the store was a meeting place for rockers from all over the world. It wasn’t unusual to run into Stiv Bators, Joey Ramone or Billy Idol thumbing through the racks. One day while visiting Bob’s, I found around 50 copies of my latest single sitting on the counter. These were records that I paid to have pressed with my own money. The distributor had just sold them to Bob for cash. I never got an accounting for that sale. The distributor pocketed the money for himself. If you think major labels are the ultimate rip-offs, you haven’t had the experience of working with indies. I later mentioned it to Bob and he laughed. “It happens all the time,” he said. I didn’t find it funny. In recent years, due to health issues, Plotnik passed on the day-to-day activities of running his store to his management team. The store wan’t the same without him. The store has somehow managed to survive without its resident bully or the help of a big music movement like punk to fuel its record sales. When punk and disco hit the scene, people who had stopped buying records started again with real passion. I know I did. Bob’s shop was packed in the late ‘70s—lines snaking out the door and Bob barking at people to keep it moving. If you browsed too long without buying, you were out of there. It was Bob’s good fortune that Yelp didn’t exist at the time. In the annals of great record stores, Bleecker Bob’s will always stand tall. Ironically, at a time when vinyl sales are booming, one of the pioneers of the indie record scene is closing. Another casualty of escalating rent. Thanks to an unfriendly environment for independent business in New York City, we won’t have Bleecker Bob to kick us around anymore. Hazel Sheffield and Emily Judem’s For The Records is a bittersweet tribute to Bleecker Bob’s record store and the man who nurtured it for over four decades.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alan Rand's pics from The Delancey

Alan Rand has been a fixture at our NYC shows for quite a while. As you can see from his pictures, he's got a talent for capturing rock and roll! Also please note our guest on saxophone, Sam Powell ( He rocked it!