Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Funny how things happen. We've been "on vacation" for the past month and were planning on getting back together to prepare a new show to coincide with the release of our new cd when we get a call from the new NYNBC show "All Night with Joey Reynolds".

Joey Reynolds has been a radio icon in New York for decades and we have appeared on his radio show before so it wasn't completely out of left field but the call came like this; can you appear on the show tonight?!? That didn't go over too well with our wives (this being Valentine's day) but you know the old show biz saying...

There were other issues as well; we hadn't played live since December and hadn't had a rehearsal since November, David (our keyboard player) was unavailable due to a prior commitment but being the troopers that we are we went ahead anyway.

So here it is, thanks to NYNBC, YouTUBE and Blogspot. Buddy Love on TV!