Monday, May 18, 2009

New Song and new member!

Had a great rehearsal last night which concentrated on nailing down the many new songs we've been working on. In addition to those, we also began working on a BRAND NEW ONE which came out sounding AWESOME thanks in part to our new(?) keyboard player David Stoler!

David started with us during the recording of Now... and Then, playing Hammond Organ on The Great Pretender and over the past few months has been sitting in with us, on and off during rehearsals. I think by now its official, he's the FIFTH Buddy Lover.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Wild Pony Ride

We received some disturbing news yesterday; we heard some wild allegations about the promoter who was putting on the "Rock Legacy" show which we were scheduled to open for on June 13th at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

A oldies artist contacted me via the Buddy Love website and told me an outlandish story about how this guy promotes shows, collects ticket money directly and then cancels the shows at the last minute, disappearing with the money and leaving venues, bands and their fans in a lurch. I replied to this artist asking for more specific information, which he provided; the promoter is actually in jail right now for felony fraud!

Joey contacted the detectives on the case who confirmed that these wild allegations are actually true! I then contacted one of the members of "The Rock Legacy Band" who told me that although he has done business with this promoter for over 20 years, he also has heard this story and confirmed that the June 13th event was probably a fraud.

I hope that not too many people purchased advance tickets for this show because I don't know if they'll ever get their money back.

I got only one thing to say, "That's Show Biz!"