Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hello Japan! Been getting a TON of hits on this site from the mystical east, land of the rising sun. And they have been downloading mp3's like crazy! (someone finally figured that out). I hope you enjoy all the stuff you got FOR FREE, sometime soon I'm gonna start charging for it, so get it while the gettin's good!

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Next Day...

Our rehearsal last night was in a word, AWESOME! Tony was there to film it and luckily we were ON. Re-discovered yet another old Buddy Love song, "I Can't Get Up" which came together in as much time as it takes to hear it, fine tuned our other new songs, rearrange the set list (15 songs now!) just in time to say goodbye to Joey, who's going on a mini-tour with his "other" band (how dare he) so we won't have a full rehearsal again till August 12th. It's cool though cause we all agree we're almost (not quite) ready to appear.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Got my Vox Buckingham back from the repair guy and it, like the Fender Twin (which he already lovingly restored), TOTALLY ROCKS! Can't wait to get the two working in tandem like I used to, one on either side of the drums (that's my buddy Rich, to you!). That sound in combination with my Gold Top was (and will be again) totally sumptuous (good word, huh?) and with that piece in place I NOW HAVE ALL OF MY ORIGINAL BUDDY LOVE EQUIPMENT READY TO GO (Talk about retro!)

Had rehearsal this past Sunday night at THE STUDIO on 30th St. I sorta liked it there, the techs were totally supportive and made sure everything sounded good except the ROOM was NOT shaped right for our purposes (I couldn't see or hear!) which was a problem. So we're rehearsing again tonight (twice in one week? unprecedented!) at SMASH, our old standby. Should be interesting...