Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blogs in Blogs

Has it been a whole month since I posted here? Been crazy busy but is that a good excuse? In the meantime we've had two rehearsals; The first one (June 10th) we concentrated on tiny nit-picking details and at the last moment re-learned a Buddy Love "Classic" called Can't Hold On, which sounded AWESOME right outa the box!

The second one (last Thursday the 28th) was with Scott and Rich in his basement, where we perfected Can't Hold On, touched on a few other songs and then learned a brand new one (actually about three years old) called Idle Hands, which Scott has been wanting to do for months and finally got his wish. I guess living with the song on his own paid off for him (and us!) cause his bass line is remarkably flowing and musical (he says it's his best bass line EVER for any song /any band) and I can't wait to hear Joey sing it!

We all decided to up our rehearsal schedule to once a week (barring incidents and accidents) so we can get this show on the road by summer's end. I'm chomping at the bit...