Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Business

Our new CD "Now and Then" along with the reissued "Yellow Album" and "More!" are now on iTunes!!!! That gives them legitimacy, don't it? Funny how their distribution there as well as the physical, in your hand, distribution of these CD's by CD Baby all happen to coincide with our meeting with Maria this week, who may very well end up being our manager.

Seems we've come a long way in the short time since we started appearing last September. I think we're doing it the right way this time; not knocking our heads against the wall playing in dive bars and trying to hawk singles door to door, like we did 27 years ago. WE LEARNED FROM OUR MISTAKES!!! Hallelujah!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Actually made some sales today on CD Baby!~ Pretty good for just a couple of days.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our new CD is officially for Sale on CD BABY!

"Now and Then", along with the newly reissued "More! Buddy Love" and the "Yellow Album" are ALL now available on the popular online store CD BABY. We already have these albums available for download through SNOCAP. iTunes (and other online downloadable stores) will be coming online in the next few weeks. Hopefully we'll start selling tons of stuff so we can all quit our day jobs!! (like that might happen...) Might as well aim high though. If you aim low you'll only land low, right?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

We had our "gig" (us showbiz types say gig instead of performance) last Saturday and it was good (not great) although the audience liked it and I guess that's all that matters. After our show we were met as we left the stage by an interesting woman who expressed interest (redundant?) in perhaps managing us. (that's a lot of "ifs") If so, (there's that word again) it would take a great burden off of everyone cause let's face it, musicians are not generally known for their business acumen are they? And me in particular, I already have a lot to think about regarding this "reunion"/"Rock Band" thing. Worrying about the next gig should not be one of them.

In any case, I'm guardedly excited at the prospect of actually having someone who knows what they are doing running the behind the scenes stuff. Let's hope it works out.