Monday, September 19, 2011

Ever Present Past from Memory Almost Full

Rich and I were on our way home from rehearsal the other night and we got on a discussion of little known Paul McCartney albums and I mentioned how awesome the song "Ever Present Past" from the CD "Memory Almost Full" was.

Way back in 2008 (almost to the day) I posted the video for it, so I thought I'd repost it now.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Sunday it's Back To School... with Buddy Love!

The band took most of the summer off. Now that fall is around the corner we are gearing up for our "Back To School" appearances in the New York Metropolitan area. To kick it off we are playing this Sunday at one of our favorite (and easy!) places, Otto's Shrunken Head and Tiki Bar.

I hope our fan(s!?) can make it!

On another note, we recieved the IPO NY Schedule and am happy to announce that we are set to play Friday evening November 4th at 11:15. Again, for those who don't read the old posts (what? you don't?) IPO NY this year will be at

Local 269
269 East Houston Street
New York 212 228-9874

Here's the full schedule:

Tuesday, November 1: $10
7:30 Waldo Cros
8:15 Freddy Monday
9:00 Dixon
9:45 BlackBunny
10:30 Action Toolbelt
11:15 The Baghdaddios

Wednesday, November 2: $10
7:30 The Father and The Son
8:15 Michael Lynch
9:00 Lannie Flowers
9:45 meyerman
10:30 The Anderson Council
11:15 The Above

Thursday, November 3: $10
7:30 John Laprade
8:15 Changing Modes
9:00 Wendy Ip
9:45 McGinty & White
10:30 The Hillary Step
11:15 The Middle Eight

Friday, November 4: $10

7:30 The Roebucks
8:15 Vegas With Randolph
9:00 The Peaces
9:45 The Modulators
10:30 The Turnback
11:15 Buddy Love
12:00 The Beat Rats

Saturday, November 5: $10
7:30 Lily Sparks
8:15 The Shirts
9:00 Kurt Reil/Kristin Pinell from The Grip Weeds- Special Acoustic Show
9:45 Sonny Lee & The Layovers
10:30 Dave Rave
11:15 London Egg
12:00 The Reign

Sunday afternoon, November 6: $10
1:00 Joel Streeter
1:45 Zombies Of The Stratosphere
2:30 The Electric Mess
3:15 The Movers
4:00 Lieder
4:45 Sexy Heroes

Sunday evening, November 6: $8
7:30 The Hide and Seek Effect
8:15 Jana Peri
9:00 Twenty Cent Crush
9:45 Bastards of Melody
10:30 The Fallen Troubadours