Friday, January 23, 2009

New Material

Last Sunday was the first rehearsal of the new year and the emphasis was on learning new material. I was very gratified that the guys seemed to really like the songs I presented. From the bunch I showed them they picked three to learn. Song titles are; "Tearing You Down", "Intersection", "Radios Appear" and "Set You Free (Let you Go)".

The songs that we had already been working on are really starting to come together too. "Crying Town" and "Almost In Tears".

In addition we have been working on bringing "Dead Ringer" from the Yellow album into our repetoire.

On another note, the new "Social Network" has really taken off, with new members joining almost every day. To check it out click here >>> Buddy Love Fans

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Buddy Love Fans "Social Network"

I'm happy to announce the formation of a "facebook" type "Social Network" specifically for Buddy Love Fans. Then all you crazy people can interact with each other and get first hand news about Buddy Love happenings and generally have yet another way to waste time on the internet.

Go to and sign up now!

View my page on Buddy Love Today!

Happy New Year to all!