Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vintage Contact Sheets

I found a vintage bunch of photos from 1980 on some contact sheets. Too bad I don't have the negatives but at least I had these so I scanned them and present them here for your perusal. Pretty neat!
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For full size, Click here!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Happened to Todd Watson?

We were filmed by a video journalist at the Baggot Inn who said he'd get in touch with me so I can see his footage... Where are you, TODD WATSON? Forget my email address?

Addendum: Recording continues... Finished/Mixed! four of the six tracks put down last month, and they came out (in my opinion) AWESOME! Once we finish the other two songs we'll have our collection together for the new CD "Now... and Then!" available soon (but not yet) at the Buddy Love Store!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Baggot Inn, NYC

How great is it to play in an actual rock and roll club and have actual people actually applauding for actually every song? Young girls actually wanted to talk to me after the show and well, actually touch me! I was actually embarrassed but at the same time flattered, actually. It was everything an actual Buddy Love show should be, actually speaking.

I think I've actually made my point.

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ADENDUM!! People made comments on Scott's wardrobe, specifically the fact that his tank top showed his nipple, which my niece now refers to as "NippleGate"!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Pussycat Lounge

was a bust! Although we always planned it as a dress rehearsal, the club's booking agent didn't view it that way and was kinda pissed (rightly so) because the audience was; Tony, Joey's friend Rocco, the bartender and the sound guy! Our next gig at The Baggot Inn promises to be much more auspicious; we are opening for Cheap Perfume, a band (I am told) with quite a following and playing on a Saturday night at a club with it's own crowd, in front of an actual audience will definitely be better than last night debacle (A Wednesday, for goodness sake!). THAT show will mark the beginning of our New York City appearances so we better be fucking dead on cause people will actually see us!

And of course, next month we are again appearing at The Baggot Inn for the IPO Festival (also on a Saturday night!) so that is gonna be awesome; performing for Power POP fans (people who actually know of us)
A Buddy Love Reunion show! which will simply blow their Power Poppin' minds!
On a different note, "those people" (see below) came to accept my wardrobe attitude and (holy shit!) even approved of my clothing choices. It's the little things in life that can make your day.

Addendum! Made plans with Joey and Josh (recording engineer) to finish our project before the end of this month. I can already hear the finished mixes in my head (been hearing them for 27 years!)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Rehearsing for our second gig...

And the subject came up; Is clothing in rock and roll important? Some people seem to place inordinate importance on it. Some people say clothes make the man. Some people have to dress themselves up and play a part. Some people have a problem with what I choose to wear on stage. Personally I think it's funny (have you seen those people?)

Frankly I started off worrying about it the same as those other people. Should I pretend to be "the dark rocker" or "the preppy office worker"? I once dressed like a school custodian on stage, with a gigantic Jew-fro as an anti-punk statement (not sure that worked). I used to wear the coolest Edwardian jackets, had a piled high pompadour and Beatle boots and yes, I looked cool (but felt like a total phony).

How about this; I think I'll dress like I always dress without the pretension of trying to act a part! I sorta like that. There's no pressure! (likin' that too) Then I don't have to change to go on stage, just strap on my guitar and I'm good to go!

Some people would say that "this is show biz" and "you gotta glam it up". But I'm not David Bowie and I don't wanna "play the wild mutation". I say, let the music speak for itself. People WILL NOT REJECT IT because of my clothes.