Monday, October 1, 2007

Rehearsing for our second gig...

And the subject came up; Is clothing in rock and roll important? Some people seem to place inordinate importance on it. Some people say clothes make the man. Some people have to dress themselves up and play a part. Some people have a problem with what I choose to wear on stage. Personally I think it's funny (have you seen those people?)

Frankly I started off worrying about it the same as those other people. Should I pretend to be "the dark rocker" or "the preppy office worker"? I once dressed like a school custodian on stage, with a gigantic Jew-fro as an anti-punk statement (not sure that worked). I used to wear the coolest Edwardian jackets, had a piled high pompadour and Beatle boots and yes, I looked cool (but felt like a total phony).

How about this; I think I'll dress like I always dress without the pretension of trying to act a part! I sorta like that. There's no pressure! (likin' that too) Then I don't have to change to go on stage, just strap on my guitar and I'm good to go!

Some people would say that "this is show biz" and "you gotta glam it up". But I'm not David Bowie and I don't wanna "play the wild mutation". I say, let the music speak for itself. People WILL NOT REJECT IT because of my clothes.

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