Monday, June 14, 2010

Crying Town released as a Digital Single!

We have released Crying Town, which is the signature song from our upcoming CD (due out this summer) and it's available as digital download RIGHT NOW! on iTunes, CDBaby, Zune, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3's, eMusic, Napster, MYSpace Music, Verizon V-Cast, Liquid Digital (Walmart! of all things!), Shockhound, Spotify and Nokia (whew!).

Here's what someone who got it from CDBaby had to say...

Very cool song

Just saw this on the CD Baby main page. I don't know this band, but the preview sounded pretty good, so it's a 99 cent impulse buy. At first I was a little skeptical of their "playing the Beatles card" so heavily in the short description, but this song really does have some of that Beatles feel without being totally derivative. I especially like the bridge and the guitar solo. Nice work!
author: Bruce Irving

Here's what some iTunes customers said...

Good stuff
by NYCPopFan
This is the best Buddy Love song I ever heard! And I've been following this band on and off for years. I saw them perform this song live recently and thought, "Wow, this is different...", not their usual Power Pop fare but more mature and "adult contemporary". This recorded version is even more engaging. Joey's vocal has a restrained emotional edge I never heard from him before. The whole thing has got a great Beatles vibe and the guitar solo channels George directly from wherever he is.

So yes, two thumbs WAY UP!

by Rinhey
I have been following Buddy Love from the very beginning. Crying Town is a triumph on many levels. Writing, vocals, production. It's a home run. Joey's vocal on this song shows his range and ability. The band never sounded better. I've got a fever and the only cure is more Buddy Love, and cow bell.

So please follow their lead, buy our single!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mental Melodies

Recently I introduced a new unfinished song to the group which following my trend, has been completely different from my previous output. The guys embraced it quickly even though I wasn't done with it and Rich later reported that he absolutely could not get the hook out of his head, in fact he was desperate!

So desperate that he consulted the internet and found on an article on which stated that there isn't clear scientific evidence for why songs becoming stuck in your brain but someone has a good guess...

Q. Why do I find some of the melodic themes “playing” in my mind for several days after a concert?

A. A catchy tune, whether classical or pop, is so well known for staying in the brain that the effect has long been exploited for advertising jingles, and there have been efforts to define what makes a melody “sticky.” But a hard-to-shake melody can be a burden rather than a welcome souvenir, turning into what is called an earworm, and the reasons are not definitely known.

The mental pathways for music are complex, sometimes including not only auditory areas but also the visual cortex of the brain. Recent research suggests that musical perception is entwined with primitive parts of the brain and that it can influence emotions through the limbic system.

How a melody becomes an earworm, however, is unclear. A 2001 survey by James J. Kellaris of the University of Cincinnati, a consumer psychologist, found that “music characterized by simplicity, repetitiveness and incongruity with listeners’ expectations is most likely to become ‘stuck.’ ” Up to 98 percent of people will experience a sticky tune, his study suggested, and some people, like musicians, women and the worry-prone, are more susceptible than others. The causes may be psychological or even physical, tied to sound frequencies that resonate in the body.

After further research, Dr. Kellaris theorized that one way to scratch what he called a “cognitive itch” is to sing the mental tune aloud.