Sunday, March 30, 2008

Star Struck Fanatics?

Maria left me a voicemail stating that a new website which will be launched in May wants to do a feature about the band on their first page and to that end, wants to film us for what they call a "sizzle reel" which will be a video link on the site. So the question on everyone's mind is, "where do we film this?" Filming in our rehearsal space (as Tony has found out) does not lend itself to a good performance video. Not having any gigs planned in the near future, that leaves only a showcase room (which costs a bundle!). These are the problems that try men's souls...

And speaking of gigs, why haven't we got a gig lined up?!?! It's been three months since our last appearance (at the Baggott Inn) and frankly I'm getting antsy to play...

On another note, I have not updated "Doug's Song Pick of The Day" page in over a week! Thank god for the iTunes database which allows me to review the songs played on what day, reminding myself of the high points of the week and get the page up to snuff. Now THAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF!

Actually what is really more important is that we have rehearsal tonight which I am looking forward to. I love that the band is so into the new material we've been working on and I can't wait to incorporate the new stuff into our set.

Rutles Update - The Theatre, The Theatre, what's happened to The Theatre, especially where Rutles are concerned... Rich and I went to the show expecting a Rutles reunion and what we got was a theatrical history of the band, complete with "Rutlemania" look and sound alike musicians playing the Rutles catalog note for note and sound for sound, interspersed with clips from The Rutles film synced with the live performances. Actually, it was very good! Just not what was expected. during intermission Rich and I spotted Eric Idle at the bar. We ordered two cokes (one with lime!) and gave him a wide berth, being as we are not star struck fanatics but sober and standoffish admirers...

Thursday, March 27, 2008


So the talk among the love buds this week is how to fund a trip to LA in August so we can attend IPO LA. Did I mention that we got invited to play IPO LA? We got invited to play IPO LA!

And speaking of IPO, David Bash (director of IPO) is putting together Volume 11 of his ongoing CD series featuring bands that have appeared at various IPO's over the years. This year's volume is geared toward those bands that appeared at the recent (last October's) IPO NY and we have been invited to add a track!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Distribution

Bruce over Not Lame at has taken the new CD as well as the other two reissued ones! In addition, Ray at Kool Kat Musik (in New Jersey!) has also taken the three disks. Building momentum...

Sudsy Update!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Rich got tickets to see The Rutles at The Blender in NYC on March 27th! What a surprise! Yes, those cheeky, lovable Pre-Fab Four are back together again and we're gonna go see 'em! I had heard (via their website) that Dirk was deaf! If you check all the Dirk is deaf clues on their album jackets its painfully obvious in hind sight. How could we have missed the signs?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Martinsville, NJ

Through internet cleverness I have the ability to track not only how many people visit each of these web pages but also to deduce when and where they visit from. I bring this up to point out that one very persistent visitor from Martinsville, NJ has been checking in on a regular basis and in particular has been reading the Forum pages.

I would now like to urge that visitor to formally join our forum and contribute their two cents, since they obviously have a more than casual interest. Please visitor from Martinsville, introduce yourself!