Sunday, August 26, 2007


Tony and I have been discussing on and off over the past few weeks how his film is going to conclude/resolve. We've batted around a lot of different scenarios and have not come up with a completely satisfying resolution however, I just got an email from David Bash (luminary in the Power POP world) who has invited us to appear at his International Pop Overthrow convention in New York in November! How much more perfect could that be than to be able to perform in front of our EXACT TARGET AUDIENCE!? I know I'm jumping the gun by posting this here and now since I haven't confirmed this with the band or with David yet but I'm simply going to assume that we're doing it (we'd be crazy not) cause THIS IS THE MISSING PIECE that Tony and I have been looking for!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Recording and appearing?

Going into the studio in September to begin recording our FIRST RECORD (that's an old fashion term meaning CD to you youngsters). Not only that, but we have our first gig planned for September. Looks like September is gonna be a good month!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Joey's back from his tour

and the band reached a new high, bangin' out the set at last Thursday night's rehearsal with only a few bobbles (all from the newest songs) which we quickly ironed out. All in all, AWESOME for not having rehearsed in three weeks!

I Finally Feel Like We Are Actually Ready To Play In Front Of People.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rough Cut?

Got the word from Tony that he and his editor actually have a rough cut of our "docu/mocku/rockumentary"! Can't wait to see it even though its not finished, how could it be since we haven't even appeared in public yet! and isn't that what the show is about; our journey from failure 27 years ago to the rock and roll idoltry which we hope to attain this time around?

Had another intimate rehearsal with Scott and Rich in his basement this week, which went well (even though it was short) and of course the three of us had fun, in between sorting out the frayed nerve endings of a very sensitive bass player who shall remain nameless...