Monday, December 16, 2013

Rocking Horse - Yes It Is

Over the years I have made friends with power pop fans from around the world. I believe the very first one to contact me outside of the US (1993) was Pierre Gurdjos, who runs the website Bubblegum The Punk A Guide to American Power POP 1975-1985.

He sent me a CD-R of a band from Liverpool circa 1971 I had never heard of before or since which has become a staple in my iPod, Rocking Horse's Yes It Is. Unashamedly early Beatles influenced with Lennon-ish vocal drawl and Badfinger-esque guitars, all three of you blog readers should creem your pants over this! Rocking Horse - Yes It Is

PS Reposted so Aaron can get it!


Curty Ray said...

Thanks for this treasure! Keep up the hard work and good luck to and your band, Hope you get that Corporate picnic!

Curty Ray

Doug said...

You're welcome Ray. I'm happy to share.

Thanks re picnic, I hope we get it too!

jeff said...

thanks man, sounds great!

Aaron Kupferberg said...


Doug said...

I did it all for you.