Saturday, October 31, 2009

IPO Next Week!

IPO New York begins this week at Kenny's Castaways. For those who don't already know,The International Pop Overthrow is a music festival that travels around the world, bringing what it's founder David Bash calls "Melodic Rock" but what the rest of us call POWER POP! to the masses.

Me with David Bash at IPO NY 2008

He's been at it for fourteen years and every year he adds a new stop to his full time obsession. 
IPO NY is going on it's ninth year in a row and Buddy Love has been on the schedule for the past three.

Hilights of our 2008 appearance at IPO NY 2008

We're totally pumped and ready to rock so come down and check it out. 

We'll be appearing Saturday November 7th at 10 PM (damn good slot, right?)


Curty Ray said...

You have never said how IPO was!!

Doug said...

IPO was a blast as usual. David Bash is a super friendly guy and I can't thank him enough for making IPO a true labor of love.

The night we played had alot of great bands and I was suprised at how many of their songs I knew from assorted Power POP compilations I've collected over the years.

We debuted alot of new material and the crowd seemed to like them just fine.

Thanks for asking!