Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Got to rehearsal and began setting up my equipment and knocked over my Les Paul and BROKE THE FUCKING NECK! HOLY SHIT! BUMMER! and (other exclamations)! There was a bad vibe buzzing 'round my head (no, I won't discuss it here) and maybe that was the straw that broke the guitar's neck! Good thing I brought my 12-string too, maybe its a sign...

Rehearsal though was awesome, there was a new power and confidence in many of the songs. My Little Red Book is Fantastic, should be our first single b/w Where Do We Go From Here? Continued 'molding' Master of Illusion; tried it from EVERY ANGLE and came up with another powerful performance! Beginning of the End didn't work out at all so we dropped it like a hot potato, no biggie though 'I Got A Million More Where That Came From!'

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