Monday, January 22, 2007

Touching Base

Next rehearsal on the 30th. Spoke with Scott about another pre-rehearsal get together however the timing this week is BAAAD (and that's not good). Scott thinks he needs it but I believe he'll be just fine.

Emailed Joey back and forth about updated lyrics, some nerve! he likes the old ones! And! he wants a piece of me too! (EEGAD!@ I'm being pulled in every direction!) I can handle it, after all, its supposed to be fun, right? and it is, I sometimes wish this was my full time job and then I could devote the time it apparently needs, but hey, it is what it is and that's all what it is. (paraphrase Popeye!)

Also spoke to Rich about us all possibly getting together for an evening of socialization, get to meet the spouses and kids, etc... could be nice... I like nice. It's nice to be nice.

The Paul is sounding fucking great. Still playing with POD sounds to get the proper crunch and squeal that Joey craves without giving up the jangle that is me. (jingle jangle crunch squeal) thats a tall order!

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