Thursday, July 17, 2008

Radio Flyer

Way back in 1978 We had a friendly competition with another local band called Radio City, led by Gary Feldman and Mark Silvert. While we were doing punk, they were doing Power Pop. After not much time Gary's brand of power pop seeped into my pores and that along with other things, was a big reason why I switched gears and formed Buddy Love.

Cut to 1995. I had been out of the music business for about 12 years, still writing and recording in my basement on a four track machine but basically doing nothing with it and much to my suprise I discovered that Gary had moved back into our town of Rockville Centre, NY. We soon rekindled our friendship and it wasn't long after that that we began writing songs together. I soon enlisted ex- (and now current!) Buddy Love drummer Rich "Starr" Stirrat who brought his midi drum pads into my studio. I traded in my four track cassette for an eight track cassette (with built in mixing board!), SMTPE synced it to my pre-windows 286 DOS computer and we began recording. The result was a ten track CD-R called Radio Flyer, released in 1997.

I started a Radio Flyer website and pretty soon Bruce Brodeen was selling Radio Flyer discs! Also pretty soon the Radio Flyer corporation (makers of little red wagons) slapped an injunction on us to stop using the name! We changed the name to RC Flyers (in honor of our home town Rockville Centre) but whatever momentum we began was lost. Gary soon moved away from Rockville Centre and that was that.

Needless to say those homemade discs didn't make much of a dent on the music industry and the songs on it have been pretty much unheard. It is now my pleasure to make Radio Flyer available
here! (take that you corporate bigwigs!)

It is my hope that all three of you will download and enjoy these songs from the mid 1990's.

PS Gary has recently reformed Radio City and also has a new band called RC Flyer. I guess Radio Flyer was just as important to him as it was to me.

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