Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Major Labels

Mike Viola has been a household name (in my house anyway) from his work in The Candy Butchers and more importantly, as "The Voice" of That Thing You Do!. Now Mike has teamed up with Ducky Carlisle and a guy known simply as Bleu and formed a PowerPOP SUPERGROUP called The Major Labels.

I saw this widget on another PowerPOP site, plunked down money without hearing a note and am glad I did.

Please support this group.

Don't forget! Buddy Love (remember them?) are on the radio this Sunday night(tomorrow) at 10 PM EST. You can listen via the internet at
or if you're in the New York area at 94.3 FM.


angelo said...

hi doug,
i just found your blog, i linked you on my blogroll
sorry for not doing that sooner...

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this album based on your say so and LOVED IT! Thanks for turning me on to it. I'm gonna get some Candy Butchers now.

BTW, Buddy Love ROCKS!

King Size Mong said...

Just plonked down $12 for the album, money well spent on my part.