Sunday, July 20, 2008

Candy Butchers - Live at La Bonbonniere

It seems someone is always turning me onto music that I would normally have never heard of. This time it was Tom E. (childhood friend of my wife's) who many years ago lent me an EP of the band The Candy Butchers - Live at La Bonbonniere which went immediately into my iTunes. I have since done some research and now know that The Butchers were led by Mike Viola (common knowledge to you but new information to me at the time). This 1996 CD was their first release and I think their most endearing.

Mike's take on pop reminds me of Nick Lowe, disguising twisted lyrics with sweet melodies. the home made approach on this disk transcends the bare bones production and has made this CD one I come back to again and again. In fact, I have committed one song (Canned Hunt) to my personal repetoire which I sing for myself as a guilty pleasure. Guess I gotta get out more...

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