Saturday, July 12, 2008


During the course of my Pop Music Education which began in earnest in 1977 I saw the film "Privilege", a mid 60's look at a fictional British Pop star (Paul Jones!) and his influence on their society.

The one and only time I ever saw "Privilege" (until recently that is) was on TV in 1978 on WWOR TV (channel 9) in New York, and it affects on me were profound, changing my ideas about the music business and it's potential power (both positive and negative) forever.

It wasn't the music (although fine) in the film that influenced me but the approach that the film's anti hero Steven Shorter's management team had on the political/economic and social structure of Britain portrayed in the "not too distant future" of 1970 (the time period the film takes place in).

The film which was panned by the British press and banned for being "hysterical" has rarely been seen since its first run in 1967. In fact, Universal Pictures (who owns it) had all copies destroyed!

It is my pleasure and PRIVILEGE! to share this obscure but still potent film with you all. You can download it here! Privilege in QuickTime format (Be patient, it's a large file). I urge you all to check it out.

PS It is due for its first DVD release this month!, in it's original widescreen format made from the original negative! Available on


Todd said...

Man I love the internet! Thanks for posting this and the news that a dvd is iminent.

I was in Grade school, playing sick, and saw this on a local TV matinee, and Never forgot it. I've never seen after that. Until this weekend.

Thaks again!

Doug said...

It is my Privilege (no pun intended) to bring this ground-breaking and important film to public conciousness. (wow, big word!)