Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another review of "Crying Town" from iTunes

by drumgod

For 30 years I've known this band to be the kings of "power pop" but this single is something like a dream. If Jeff Lynn took all the Beatles while they were alive and stripped down George Martin's strings and just let the band play natural. (Remember it's a dream). This would be the new Beatles single. Mr.Kelly nailed the vocals and Doug and the guys come in at the precise time to make the melody hum in your head 24/7. The Harrison/Weezer guitar break is a stunner and no offence to Lady GaGa but this IS THE RECORD OF THE YEAR. And I can't wait for an album(VINYL PLEASE!!!)

Thanks Drumgod. I don't know about vinyl, but our album is almost done. Look for it by the end of the summer...

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