Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Buddy Love Blog Page!

Although I have been keeping a blog on the regular Buddy Love web page for well over a year, I decided to start a new blog page here so more people might come across my random rants more randomly and accidentally, and be more easy for readers to interact with me and each other (all three of them!)

So what's the first thing I'm gonna talk about? Big meeting tonight with Maria (our new manager?)! She says she's got lots of promotion opportunities for the band which she plans to outline for us and which, she hopes, we will approve.

First on the agenda? IPO CD compilation, which we have been invited to participate in. David Bash at the International Pop Overthrow is putting together Volume 11 of his annual CD collection, this time featuring bands that played at IPO NY last November. We are very pleased to be included and are contributing our track "My Little Red Book" which appears on our new CD "Now... and Then".

Next up; print media that wants to do an article about the band?!? No details yet...

Next; UK radio promotor associated with Columbia? Which track to push?!?

Last; new, as yet unrevealed web Site to do an article on the band.

Hopefully Maria will give us ALL the 411 on these events so we can make informed decisions as to how to proceed.

I'll keep you (all three of you) posted, no pun intended...

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