Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Vibe is Confirmed

Taking matters into my own hands, I came to a meeting of the minds with Sheldon (no, he's not a jew) the manager of The Vibe Lounge and we are now jointly producing this appearance instead of Rick from the Unlabeled Show.

Quite frankly, Rick has turned out to be quite a flake. First he had us do that bogus audition for last year's balloon festival, which he said we passed but then never got us the gig, then he booked us into The Knitting Factory (which BTW has closed down) and we wound up in the sub basement bar where no one goes, and finally he screwed us with this showcase, which we heavily advertised.

Good thing I was able to pull it out of the fire, cause there WILL be lots of Long Island fans there.

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