Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The kids had off last week so my attention was on them, (naturally). But now (thankfully) they are back in school and I can concentrate on what's really important, MY BLOG!

Speaking of which, here I am, typing away with not that much to report except the mundane; We've been working up some new material that sounds GREAT! By new I mean new to the current members of the band when in fact some of these songs date back to 1982. "Dead Ringer" from the yellow album is one and the boys have made it their own. "Almost in Tears", a song I wrote about five years ago is sounding great too. Scott has (as usual) come up with a melodic and catchy bass line for it and it all came together VERY FAST for a song that went from acoustic demo to full band in about two rehearsals. We rediscovered a few nuggets from 1980; "Tell Me" and Toy Soldier" both from our 1980 set!

There are many new songs demos (and by new, I mean new to the band) that we are sorting through and when the dust settles we should have enough material for two completely different sets (or enough to shake up our set at will). In fact! enough for another album!

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