Thursday, April 12, 2007

Been a while since I posted here.

No good reason, just busy (some nerve). Rehearsal coming up this Sunday and I'm ready to ROCK! Scott has come up with a "Grande Finale" idea which I like very much, sorta like a POP history lesson, all in less than five minutes, lookin' forward to working that out with him (and the guys).

I've been wondering... when we gonna actually play out? Scott wants to do VEGAS on a Celine Dion scale, which would be nice if we got paid that way too. Frankly, I would rather play in that kinda civilized (if you can call Vegas civil) setting cause lets face it, I'm old and I like the amenities! but more important, I would prefer to stay in one place rather than travel all over the fucking place, but who am I kiddin? that ain't gonna happen but I can dream, right?

Have you heard about the American Idol Songwriting Contest? What the hell, I submitted three songs, worth a shot right? (ya gotta be in it to win it)

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