Monday, May 24, 2010

East Village Radio - For The Sake Of The Song

Last time we played at Otto's I met a fan from our first incarnation who told me that in 1980 he was too young to get into the clubs where we were appearing. Of course he was excited to FINALLY get to see us live and apparently he was not disappointed. After the show he proceeded to extol the band's virtues and specifically our songwriting. He then went on to tell me that in the intervening 30 years he has not only become a musician in his own write but is also journalist.

It turns out that Jim Allen (didn't I mention his name?), has written album reviews, concert reviews, artist features, CD liner notes, and more, for, The Village Voice, Mojo, Uncut, CMJ, The Wire, iTunes, V Magazine,,,, Harp Magazine,, Perfect Sound Forever, MTV Digital, Blurt, Stylus Magazine, The Advocate, We TV, Women's Health, Prefix, Country Weekly, Goldmine, Amplifier,, and more.

But that's not the end of it cause he also has a radio show on
The East Village Radio Network which deals with songwriters and their processes.

Today I taped a show with him that is set to be aired this Friday Morning 6 AM EST. For those of you who don't get up at that ungodly hour, click the picture above and you can pick any of his previous shows (after this Friday mine will be included).

Remember, May 28th at 6 AM on
The East Village Radio Network.

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