Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wo Hop

Where does a starving rock and roll band go to eat at 2 AM in the morning after a gruelling evening of entertainment? There's only one place in New York City and that is Wo Hop in (where else?) Chinatown!

A fixture in my life since high school, when me and my friends would at a moments notice (most likely after an evening of "ahem") drop everything and head into Manhattan for a late night snack.

Here's the band after a typical hard day's night, enjoying the after effects of our after gig meal.


Anonymous said...

Wandered through surfing power pop blogs. I noticed your keyboardist wearing a Brooklyn Tech t-shirt. Did he go there or does he just think it's cool to be an engineer? Thanks for the nostalgic flashback. 30 years ago I was at Wo Hop's (downstairs) at least a few times a month after clubs.

Great blog!

Doug said...

That's a good question. I've forwarded your email to him and as soon as I know the answer I will post it.

Thanks for surfin' by!

Anonymous said...

I'm Tech class of 74.Wanting to be an Engineer. I then discovered music. My band East performed there with Joey Kelly of Buddy Love,singing lead.I just attended alumni event that I got the Tech shirt.I still think it's cool to be associated with a great school. Wo Hop was a spot that I've been to in the past as a late night rock n roll dining spot.------David

Doug said...

asked and answered by the man himself!

Nazz Nomad said...

jeez... too many nites at Wo Hop (always downstairs) back in the 80's. 2 am? that was way too early... more like 5 am and greeting the sunrise with a bellyfull of lo mein.