Monday, June 9, 2008

Balloon Fest Auditon at The Crazy Donkey

Forgive me if I'm wrong. Maybe I'm old school. Maybe I'm just old~! Excuse my french but What Kinda Fuckin' Audition Is It Where The Musicians Have To Pay To Enter The Club?!?!?

Isn't it enough that we provided entertainment for free? They have the nerve to charge us to boot? Besides being demeaning, its just plain wrong and goes against every show business tradition, don't it?

So there we were with actual fans inside waiting to hear us and Joey and Rich (rightfully) won't pay to enter the club! Scott, not wanting to cause a scene simply paid for the four of us but the tone was set.

Maria was equally shocked at these turn of events. She brought along one of her music business associates to hear us and I'm sure from her point of view this small bit of controversy was not welcome.

To make matters worse, the other musicians waiting to audition were all either Death Metal or lame acoustic fags. Luckily we used our outrage at the situation to show the other balloon fest candidates how to actually sing a song! Damn kids (and some of them were like 14!) wouldn't know a real song even if Sinatra came in and gave a lecture!

Enough. It's done. The promoter loved us (or so he said) so (according to Maria) we got the damn Balloon Festival.

But at what cost?

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