Saturday, May 24, 2008

Scottie Hospitalized!

We were asked to fill in tonight at the last minute at a club in Lower Manhattan called Fat Baby, which we agreed to do as a favor to the booking agent (hopefully in exchange for more prestigious gigs). Emails were sent Thursday evening and that should have been that but this morning Rich called me to say that Scott called him from the hospital and had been there since last night with chest pains!

Scott then proceeds to mention that he had an angioplasty (sp?) eight years ago and has a history of heart disease! On top of that, the (excuse me Scott) dumb asshole has been smoking like a chimney!! Last week at rehearsal I asked him what the fuck he was doing with the cigarettes and his answer was, "Don't worry, I got it under control." Well guess what, SHMUCK? YOU DON'T!

Now I'm not mad about the show at all. Really I could care less about Fat Baby and after speaking to Scott this morning I was happy to hear that his test results came back negative to further heart ailments (whew for him). So in the old show biz tradition, the show MUST go on! To that end Joey, Rich and I will perform tonight at low volume, psuedo-acoustic just in case two or three of our fans actually show up!

For those who wish to send "get well" notes to Scottie, please reply here and I'll make sure he gets your messages.

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