Monday, November 26, 2007

Rehearsal went very well. If we would have had a gig that night instead of practice it would have been great. After much discussion we decided to take the Saturday December 29th gig at The Baggot Inn (11 PM for now).

Lastly, we began working on two "new" songs; Dead Ringer from the yellow album and Almost In Tears, one I wrote much more recently. The band got them together really quickly and I'm hoping they will be ready in time for the 29th...

And now for something completely different! A song from my punk rock days was "discovered" by the producers of the TV show "House" and worked into an episode revolving around the death of a Punk Rock musician. The episode is scheduled to air November 27th on FOX at 9 PM EST and again on USA on December 7th. This song, frankly speaking, is a piece of crap but who am I to argue with NBC/Universal (the shows producers). All I know is that it represents the biggest payday in my musical career (no Gary, I will not quote the figure). Even more exciting is the fact that the licensing people over at NBC/Universal will be open to more "incidental" music from us, which is way cheaper than using one of the big boy's songs. YAY!

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