Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First show under our belt

Played Fat Baby in Manhattan last night to a small crowd of friends and it seems we did good! The evening didn't start off so well though with an "impromptu" interview/filming session at The Music Building where we used to rehearse in 1980. Tony borrowed a studio similar to our old one and some band members were surprised to see Marc and my punk rock song wrting partner there.

I'm embarrassed to say that over the past few weeks I had fallen victim to the ego stroking documentary; allowing Tony to manipulate circumstances in the name of "good video". Boy oh boy, I feel stupid. This whole process had begun to take over, almost sidelining the music, (which is why we reunited in the first place!) Luckily Joey and I both caught on in time and extricated ourselves from what could have become a poisonous situation before there was damage to the band. Thank god we're all grown up now!

After that realization, we all were able to do our little dress rehearsal and totally avoided any false melodramas that could have ruined the evening. And speaking of the show, I have to quote a member of our forum who witnessed the performance...


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Ok it's almost 4 in the morning and I'm not gonna unload that truck sitting at the Farmingdale Post Office. Instead I want to tell the masses about what I've just seen 5 hours ago. Forget the reunions of The Raspberries, Stories and Box Tops( sorry Alex) Buddy Love reforming knocks Led Zeppelin out of the park (with no Balco in site, sorry Barry). I never saw them 30 years ago but this lineup of the original band literally stopped time and sounded better than I could ever imagine. Mr. Kelly has the voice and stage persona to make sure your eyes on glued on him (then again I take xxalan drops for glaucoma and he was the only one not giving me seizures.) I wish I could have played with Scott, not since John Wetton (who just had triple bypass surgery in August) has a bassist attack his axe like a lead instrument. If Wetton can't tour with Asia in 6 months I'll pass his name around (I'm not kidding!) Rich on the drums sweats in time and Doug my Doug hasn't aged in 30 fu...king years and got that guitar sound to a science. I expect huge things to happen to BUDDY LOVE but promise me if Joey leaves again don't replace him with Todd Rundgren. He's doing crap fronting The New Cars. For a first gig in a while it was stellar I can't wait for the 40th. THIS BAND IS THE ONLY BAND THAT MATTERS. I need an ambien to sleep got a lot of scotch in me but if this is my last post GO SEE THE GREAT BUDDY LOVE!!!!!

That, my gentle readers, says it all...

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