Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Second full rehearsal

Rich and I were met at the entrance of the rehearsal studio in Manhattan (located on the top floor of a GARMENT BUILDING) by our old friend Tony from way back in the day (they seem to be crawling out of the woodwork) with a freakin' docu-cam and intern, Eli in tow! Very weird... Scott and Joey show up (all dolled up and ready for their close-ups) let the games begin!

In comes Rollo of all people! and its really time warp city. Lots of talk talk talk (not my best suit) but hey, people do it, right? Frankly, the camera scares me at first but I decided to simply ignore it. We all tried to remember more details about the "good ole days" and dug out one name or event after another and many of the missing gaps were filled in (mostly mine). After more hugs, kisses and exchanges of gifts and CD's (Rich converted our appearance on the Uncle Floyd Show to DVD!!) we went to work.

Now I don't think I'm delusional, and I DO want us to sound good (after all, if it don't sound good, where's the fun?) but DAMN, WE REALLY DO SOUND FUCKING GREAT! All the stuff we played at the previous rehearsal was nailed down and even finessed (or as Zappa would have said, "Eyebrows were put on 'em").

Eli, who didn't know anything about our history or music coming in, became an instant convert (I think) but even if not, his spontaneous applause was much appreciated. Yea, I still got an ego and yea, it likes to be fed (some things never change...) My wife says I'm a show off and know what? she's right!

Standouts from rehearsal were Emily, Party Girl and My Little Red Book. Perhaps I'll post some MP3's...

Adendum: Rollo called me the next morning with very kind words of encouragement, ROLLO LIVES!!

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